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【同溫生活誌】「走塑」將至!維修咖啡館(Repair Café)讓你源頭減廢

No Plastic


就像英國近來興起一股開設維修咖啡館(Repair Café)的浪潮,各地社區都能見到有人在免費為其他人修家具、小東西或是衣服,為舊物輔予新生命。除了可以跟維修師們一起動手修理、喝咖啡聊天,更重要的是本來是垃圾的破舊物件也可以重生。維修咖啡館並不是跨國連鎖企業,而是世界各地自主發起的社區運動。

而在 Desk-one,你應該都見過很多盛載植物的器皿都是一些已用過的玻璃瓶、膠樽、崩了一角的杯子等等,這些都會被我們回收重用。有創意的同事甚至會把他們變成其他小工具、小擺設,盡量避免浪費。另外,我們一向都有提供餐具可借用,走塑政策生效後,大家可以更放心。我們一起讓這裡成為有「溫」度的環保小社群吧!

The new regulations on disposable plastic control will come into effect soon. It remains controversial on the usefulness of wooden spoons or paper straws. If you want to be part of the environmentally friendly campaign, perhaps we can consider putting an end to the "Buy, Use, and Throw away" lifestyle.

Just like the recent trend of Repair Cafés popping up in the UK, where people in the community come together to repair furniture, small items, or clothes for others free of charge. Not only can you work together with repair experts to fix things while enjoying a cup of coffee and a chat, but the most important thing is that life of the old items can be extended and treasured. Repair Cafés are not multinational chains but community-driven movements initiated independently around the world.

At Desk-one, you may have seen many containers filled with plants made from used glass bottles, plastic containers, or chipped cups. We recycle and reuse these items. Creative colleagues even turn them into other small tools or decorations, minimizing waste. Additionally, we have always provided reusable utensils, and with the plastic reduction policy in effect, everyone can feel more at ease. Let's make this place a warm and environmentally friendly community together!


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