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新加坡文化深度遊 Singapore: Beyond JJ Lin and Merlion


What does Singapore mean to you? Is it the wide variety of food or the massive size of the public housing?
Or maybe it is that indoor waterfall in the airport?

Why do Singaporeans sound so funny when speaking English and are Coca Cola really banned? Join us as we learn from our Singaporean guests how to speak Singlish and find out if we are all Crazy Rich Asians!


導師/機構 Inter Cultural Education

新加坡文化深度遊 Singapore: Beyond JJ Lin and Merlion


由當地人分享新加坡人的日常,更會大講旅遊書都未必有提及,最具新加坡特色的地方。此外亦會講及新加坡人常講的Singlish (Singaporean English),大家亦可以於活動中了解更多新加坡鮮為人知的人和事。


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