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花藝禮品設計 Floral Decor Gift Design Workshop

體驗多種香氣, 學習顏色學

韓國IFRA認香精 I 調色學習

Decor Gift 伴禮系列

韓式擴香盤 I 永生花擴香瓶 I 療癒永生花浮游瓶 







 Workshop Flow: 

  • Try vaious scent offers
  • Learn about color mix
  • Make THREE decor gift list
  • Include nice packaging and thank you card
  • Serve tea and snack




  • Premium wax imported from USA/UK/Korea only
  • Select fragrance oils with IFRA certificates (International Fragrance Association) which are proven to be safe for pets, pregnant women, kids and elder people
  • Glass Container / all necesary making tools included
  • Provide premium preserved flowers


| 導師 | Elaine Tai

花藝禮品設計 Floral Decor Gift Design Workshop


旺角山東街47-51號 中僑商業大廈23樓 (入口在瓊華中心旁)

23/F, Chung Kiu Commercial Building, 47-51 Shantung Street, Mong Kok


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