Frequently Asked Questions


Space & Service

Reservation – 到訪 Desk-one 之前需要預約嗎?

設有工作枱的 Reading Lounge 和 Quiet Focus Zone 都無須預約,可以隨時到訪。如需使用 Private Room 或 Common Ground,則建議提早 WhatsApp 或致電預約。
Walk-in is available for the seats in our Reading Lounge and Quiet Focus Zone, while advance booking through Whatsapp is suggested for using Private Rooms and Common Ground.

Duration of Stay – 到埗時需要預先決定逗留時間嗎?

不需要。Check-in 後,你可跟隨自己的節奏自由工作,離開時才按逗留時間結算​。 You will be charged for the actual time spent in our space, therefore it’s not necessary to decide your duration of stay when check-in. Feel free to leave earlier or stay longer than you expected.

Flexibility of Day Pass – 若我打算購買Day Pass,可以中途外出嗎?

可以。我們是按你來到的時間Check-in,最後離開的時間Check-out,兩者中間的時間來計算收費的。所以若你購買 Day Pass,可於當天自由進出 Desk-one,並在離開時才付費。但留意,如果外出超過1小時,請不要佔用座位,物品可免費暫時存放我們的Lockers。 If you plan to purchase a Day Pass, you may place your belongings on the desk and leave temporarily. Payment can be settled when check-out.

Seat Availability – 如何知道各間分店內還有沒有座位?

一般而言,都會有位置的,週末下午 2 - 5 點我們會比較繁忙。前往各分店之前,你可以 WhatsApp、致電或登入 DeskSmart Premium 查詢即時座位狀況。週末如想有更多位置選擇,我們會建議在下午 2點前來。 You may check our seat availability before visit, by WhatsApp or log-in to your DeskSmart Premium account. We generally have seats available, while we can get a little busier during 14:00-17:00 on the weekends. If you plan to visit us on a weekend, you may want to come before 14:00 for more seat choices.

Private Room Booking – 預約 Private Room 有甚麼要求嗎?

獨立房間沒有額外費用,惟需要至少二人使用或收費。為達至共享原則,房間預約時限為最多六小時。 There is no additional charge for Private Room usage, subject to a minimum of 2 pax charge. The maximum booking and usage time is 6 hours.

Talk Softly – 店內可以談話嗎?

Reading Lounge 為休閒區域,在不妨礙他人的原則下,可以細聲談話。Quiet Focus Zone 則為靜習區域,所有客人必須保持安靜。 While talking softly is allowed in Reading Lounge, please keep silent at all times in Quiet Focus Zone.

Bring Your Own Food – 店內可以進食外帶食物嗎?

除 Quiet Focus Zone 外,其他區域一律歡迎自攜飲食,惟應避免食物太濃味,以免影響其他客人。每間分店均設有微波爐加熱服務,店員會為你提供協助。 You are welcome to enjoy your own food in Desk-one (except in Quiet Focus Zone), or order take-aways. However, please avoid food with strong flavour or odour that may affect other customers. If you need to reheat your food using a microwave, please ask our members of staff for assistance.

Drinks & Snacks – 店內提供的飲品零食,可以任意享用嗎?

飲品零食只是輔助大家工作的小夥伴,而非自助餐。希望大家按實際需要享用,切勿濫取或帶離 Desk-one。 Free drinks and snacks are provided in Desk-one. Please take only as you need, and do not take away from our shops.

Venue Hire – 我可以包場舉辦工作坊、座談會或拍攝等活動嗎?

可以。旺角及灣仔分店均設有 Common Ground 活動場地,適合15-80人使用,而我們四間分店的Reading Lounge也接受商業拍攝。 詳情請參考 Venir Hire,或透過 WhatsApp 與我們聯絡。 Located in our Mongkok and Wan Chai branches, Common Ground is an event venue suitable for 15 to 80 people. Our natural light filled Reading Lounge area at all 4 of our locations are also available for commercial shooting. If you are interested in hiring for workshops, seminars, shootings or other events, please see Venue Hire or contact us by Whatsapp.

Projector Rental – Desk-one 有投影機租借嗎?

如欲租用投影機,歡迎在預約 Private Room 或 Common Ground 時,告知我們為你安排。4 人或以下費用為 250 元 / 次,5 至 7 人為 120 元 / 次,8 人或以上豁免收費。 Projectors are available for rental. Please inform us in advance while booking a Private Room or Common Ground. Rental fee per booking: .$250 for 4 ppl or below; .$120 for 5 to 7 ppl; .Fee waived for 8 ppl or above.

Printing Services – Desk-one 提供影印服務嗎?

我們提供各種影印、掃描及列印服務,收費及詳情可向店員查詢。 We provide printing, copying and scanning services. Please ask our members of staff for pricing and assistance.

Sockets & Chargers – Desk-one 提供插座或充電線嗎?

店內每個座位附近,都設有插座可供自由使用。我們亦備有不同款式的手機充電線可供借用,如有需要請向店員查詢。 Sockets are installed nearby every seat in Desk-one. Phone charging cables are also available for borrowing at the front desks.

Offer & Payment

Payment Method – Desk-one 接受甚麼付款方式?

你可選擇以現金或八達通付款,金額 $200 以上亦可以 American Express 簽賬(其他信用卡不適用)。 We accept cash and Octopus for payment. You may also pay by American Express for spending over $200.

Month Plan – Desk-one 有月費優惠嗎?

選購「8+1 平日券」,可於 30 日內到訪三小時或全日八次,推薦新朋友更可額外到訪一次。而「平日通行 Geeks」及「全月通行 Workaholics」,則可於 30 日內無限次自由到訪。 8+1 Pass (3 Hours / Day Pass): 8 weekday visits + 1 bonus for friend referral within 30 days. Geeks: Unlimited weekdays access within 30 days. Workaholics: Unlimited all days access within 30 days.

Pricing – Desk-one 如何收費?

價錢按人數和實際逗留時間計算,最低消費為一小時,詳情可參考 Pricing We charge on a per person and time basis, the minimum charge is $44 (one hour). Please see Pricing for more information.

DeskSmart Premium – 成為 DeskSmart Premium 會員有甚麼優惠?

DeskSmart Premium會員盡享全年優惠,每次到訪即減 $10​,DeskCredit充值$1,000送$100,優惠一併使用盡享高達7折!
With DeskSmart Premium Membership, you can enjoy up to 30% off on every visit: $10 Discount on every visit and buy $1,000 DeskCredits to get $100 DeskCredits Free.


Special Weather Arrangement – 惡劣天氣下,Desk-one 會否營業?

- 若在開店前已經預告或已發出「八號或以上颱風」或「黑色暴雨」警告訊號,Desk-one將會暫停開放
- 若在下午6點前已經預告或已除下「八號或以上颱風」或「黑色暴雨」警告訊號,Desk-one將在天文台警告訊號除下不多於2個小時後照常營業
- 若在開放時間內預告或發出「八號或以上颱風」警告訊號,Desk-one將在天文台預告2個小時內暫停營業
- 如有任何查詢及確認最新消息,請隨時WhatsApp聯絡我們
Black Rainstorm / T8 (or above) Arrangement:
- If issued before opening, all branches will closed. - If cancelled before 6pm, all branches will open after 2 hours. T8 (or above) is issued during opening hours - All shops will be closed in 2 hours Please feel free to contact us through WhatsApp for any inquiries

Reward Programme –「溫室草嘢」是甚麼?

溫室草嘢是我們的獎賞計劃。每次到訪 Desk-one 方可獲得 1 個印仔,每 5 個印仔可以換取一份指定禮物。 You may earn 1 Stamp on each visit, and redeem a gift for every 5 Stamps. Please see Desk-one Rewards for all our own-designed gifts.

The Private Suite

Reservation – 到訪 The Private Suite 之前需要預約嗎?

到訪 The Private Suite 前,必須以 WhatsApp 預約。 Advance booking via WhatsApp is required for The Private Suite.

Max. Booking Time - The Private Suite 最多可以預約幾多⼩時?

在共享原則下,The Private Suite 的 Fully Private Suite 可預約 最多 6 ⼩時。如果你需要更長時間(最多 12 ⼩時),我們會有 1.5x 附加收費。 We can reserve a Fully Private Suite for a maximum of 6 hours. For bookings up to 12 hours, 1.5x surcharge applies.

Payment Method - 預約 The Private Suite 應該如何付款?

確認預約後,DeskSmart Premium 會員可以 DeskCredit 繳付按⾦;非會員可以 PayMe / 轉數快 / 銀⾏轉帳預繳全數。 After your booking is confirmed, DeskSmart Premium may prepay deposit with DeskCredits; non member may settle full amount via PayMe / FPS / Bank Transfer.

Rescheduling - 繳付⾦額後,可以更改或取消預約嗎?

你可於到訪前 5 ⽇更改預約⽇期或時間。預約一經確認,不設退款。 Rescheduling is available with 5 days advance notice. Once the booking is paid, no refund is available.

Extra Visitors - 如果實際到訪⼈數比預約多,我需要通知 Desk-one 嗎?

請遵守到訪守則,如到訪⼈數有更改,請 WhatsApp 與我們聯絡。如在未經確認下而增加到訪人數,我們將跟據超出的額外訪客人數收取3倍收費。 Please WhatsApp us at anytime for extra visitors or guests. Unauthorized guest(s) will be charged at triple standard rate.

Time Extension - 如果想臨時延長到訪時間,我需要通知 Desk-one 嗎?

請遵守到訪守則,如欲延長到訪時間,請於預約結束前 最少30分鐘,以 WhatsApp 與我們聯絡。如在未經確認下而延遲退房,我們將跟據超出時間收取3倍收費。 For time extension, please WhatsApp Desk-one at least 30 minutes before end of booking. Unauthorized overtime will be charged at triple standard rate.

In-room Services - 房間內提供甚麼服務?

每個房間內都有清潔設備,以供⾃⾏清理枱⾯;另有免費咖啡及零食,以及其他酒店服務,歡迎參閱房內的「到訪指南」。 Desk cleaning supplies are provided for self-cleaning. Free refreshments and additional hotel services are available. Please refer to the in-room User Guide to ensure your pleasant stay!

Latest Check-in Time - 我最遲可以幾點到訪?

The Private Suite的最遲到訪時間為晚上9時。 Our latest check-in time is 9pm.

Booking Past Midnight - 如果想凌晨時段使用房間,該如何預約?

如需於凌晨時段使用房間,請於最少 一天前完成預約。 If you want a booking past midnight, the booking request must be made one day in advance.