365⽇有效期 365 days validity


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無須下載App 或 連結信用卡

Scan QR Code to begin



200 DeskCredits

入會即時獲贈200 DeskCredits,並於⾸次到訪起⽤。

Free 200 DeskCredits upon joining, applicable since your first visit.

到訪即減 $10 



$10 discount on every visit, applicable to all single visit plans, excluding Month Plans.

免費延長 1 個⽉

「8+1 Pass」使⽤期由30⽇⾃動增⾄60⽇。

8+1 Pass validity to be extended from 30 to 60 days.

100 DeskCredits

充值1,000 DeskCredits

即可獲贈額外100 DeskCredits獎賞。

Free 100 DeskCredits upon 1,000 DeskCredits purchase.

⾼達 $200 折扣


Up to $200 Month Pass discount.


1. 計劃到訪 / 換領獎賞

登入帳⼾,於「Seat Availability」查看各分店的實時入座狀況,或於「溫室草嘢」檢視你的到訪獎賞,並前往任何⼀間分店換領。

Login to review real-time Seat Availability before visit, and check your latest status in 'Desk-one Rewards’, to redeem in any of our branches.

2. $10到訪優惠

到達分店時,向店員展⽰帳⼾內的QR Code,即可Check-in享有$10折扣。

Present your profile QR Code to our staff member for check-in and enjoy $10 discount.

3. 查閱逗留時間

於「Check-in & Check-out」查閱逗留時間,輕鬆掌握每天的⼯作進度。

Check your duration of stay in ‘Check-in & Check-out’

4. 檢視計劃方案

於「Current Plan」檢視有效的會員方案和月費計劃,以及其到期日。
Review the validities of your existing membership and Monthly Plan under ‘Current Plan’.

5. DeskCredit 繳費

Check-out再次掃描 QR Code,並以DeskCredit便捷付款。

Present your QR Code again to check-out by DeskCredit.



Pay With DeskCredits

$1 = 

1 DeskCredit

$1 = 1 DeskCredits

每1元可充值1 DeskCredit,並於結帳時作1元使⽤。每次最低充值額為200元。

Every 1 DeskCredit can be used to offset $1 on your spending. Minimum top-up amount is $200.

Valid For

90 Days



DeskCredit is valid for 90 days upon purchase. At each topping up of new DeskCredit, the expiry date of remaining unexpired DeskCredit shall be extended following that of the new purchase.

For Single

Visit Plans


DeskCredits適⽤於繳付由我們提供的單次到訪⽅案,包括所有Hour Passes、Day Passes及使⽤ Private Rooms之費⽤。

DeskCredit may be used to settle payments for all single visit plans provided by us, including our Hour Passes and Day Passes, as well as charges for Private Rooms.


*Not applicable for payment of 8+1 multiple visits plan, month plan and consignment items.

專享「$10 到訪優惠」及「DeskCredit 獎賞」後,到訪折扣⾼達 7 折!

Enjoy up to 30% off on every visit! (with $10 discount and DeskCredit reward)

⾼達 $200 ⽉費計劃優惠

Up to $200 Monthly Plan discount




於下⽅點擊「JOIN NOW」


Press ‘JOIN NOW' below and complete the registration form.



Complete the payment on the next page.


到訪任何⼀間分店,掃描帳⼾內的 QR Code以啟動會員優惠。Δ

Activate your membership by scanning QR Code on your first visit.Δ

Δ 點擊Desk-one網⾴右上⾓         ,即可隨時登入帳⼾。

Δ To login your profile, click           on the top right corner of our websites.

常見問題 Frequently Asked Questions

What’s DeskCredit — DeskCredit有甚麼⽤途?

DeskCredit適⽤於繳付Desk-one及glue 提供的單次到訪⽅案,包括所有Hour Passes、Day Passes 及使⽤ Private Rooms之費⽤。惟不適⽤於購買任何⽉費計劃、寄賣商品、場地租借等其他服務。 DeskCredit may only be used to settle payments for all single visit plans provided by Desk-one or Glue, including our Hour Passes and Day Passes, as well as charges for Private Rooms. Kindly note that DeskCredit may not be used to settle payments for any Month Plans, consignment items and/or venue hire related fees.

DeskCredit Validity — DeskCredit之有效期為多少?

DeskCredit之有效期為購買⽇起計90⽇。於有效期內再次充值,過往餘額均會以最新⼀次充值的有 效期計算,⽽有效期的延長次數不設上限。 例如: .你在3⽉1⽇購買了500 DeskCredit,有效期將⾄5⽉29⽇。 .5⽉28⽇,假設你的餘額為250 DeskCredit,⽽你於當天充值200 DeskCredit,共450 DeskCredit 的有效期將統⼀定為8⽉25⽇。 .如5⽉29⽇或之前沒有進⾏充值,剩餘的DeskCredit(如有)會在5⽉30⽇歸零處理,不設退款。 DeskCredit is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. Upon topping up of new Deskcredit within the validity period, the expiry date of all remaining unexpired DeskCredit shall be extended following that of the new purchase. Example: .Upon purchasing of 500 DeskCredit on 1-March, the expiry date would be 29-May. .If you have 250 DeskCredit remaining on 28-May, and decided to top-up another 200 DeskCredit on that day, the total of your 450 DeskCredit would have its expiry date extended to 25-August. .If there is no top-up on or before 29-May, all remaining DeskCredit (if any) would automatically expire and re-set to 0 on the 29-May.

Transfers and Refunds – DeskSmart Premium及DeskCredit可以轉讓嗎?

所有DeskSmart Premium及DeskCredit⼀經成功購買,均不可轉讓、退款或兌換現⾦。 DeskCredit is non-transferrable, non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

DeskSmart Premium Validity — 會藉之有效期為多少?

DeskSmart Premium之有效期為⼀年(365⽇),並由完成付款($280)的當⽇起計算。 DeskSmart Premium is valid for 365 days from the day of purchase.

DeskSmart Premium Visit Price – 上述價⽬表的價格是怎樣計算的?

價⽬表上「DeskSmart Premium with DeskCredit」之價格為你的實際現⾦⽀出,即包含了享⽤買 1,000送100 DeskCredit之「9折充值獎賞」,以及「$10到訪優惠」後之價格。 由於「9折充值獎賞」將於充值DeskCredit時獲享,所以到訪時,需付⾦額會以扣除「$10到訪優 惠」後計算。只要以DeskCredit結帳,實際⽀出便等同價⽬表上之價格。 例⼦: .平⽇3⼩時收費為$88,享⽤DeskSmart Premium之「$10到訪優惠」後為$78。 .如以DeskCredit⽀付費⽤(即 78 DeskCredit),於計算DeskCredit「9折充值獎賞」後,實際現 ⾦⽀出為$70。 The stated amounts under the “DeskSmart Premium with DeskCredit” column reflects the actual average cash expense incorporating both 10% DeskCredit Reward (Free 100 DeskCredit upon purchase of $1,000) and $10 Discount on Every Visit. As an illustration, for weekdays 3-hour pass of $88: DeskSmart Premium can enjoy “$10 Discount on Every Visit” – which is $78; and 78 DeskCredit would be deducted. Incorporating the 10% off when purchasing the DeskCredit, the actual average cash spent would be $70 as shown.

$10 Per Visit Discount – 如何享⽤$10到訪優惠?

每次到訪Check-in時,向職員出⽰有效DeskSmart Premium帳⼾內的QR Code,即可享⽤$10到訪 優惠。此優惠適⽤於所有「單次到訪⽅案」,包括Hour Passes、Day Passes及Private Rooms之使 ⽤(⽉費計劃除外)。如未能提供QR Code,優惠將不會計算或補發。 Present your profile QR Code to our staff member for check-in to enjoy $10 discount. This discount is applied only to all single visit plans, including our Hour Passes and Day Passes, and charges for Private Rooms (exclude Month Plans).

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