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Small Classroom


Rooms for 2-9 persons - equipped with whiteboard wall, to perfectly meet your educational needs.

Common Ground


Spaces for 10-20 persons - equipped with whiteboard, projector and speaker. Well fit for large group tutorials, exercises and more.




Maths and Physics.Tutor

Philip is a Ph.D. Candidate in Astronomy, UCLA with B.s./M.s. in astrophysics, UCLA. He had more than 5 years of IB/ IGCSE full-time teaching experiences in Maths and Physics. He is currently teaching students or current students from WIS, CIS and CDNIS in the majority.

Kelvin Li

MBA Coach

PC Li advises young professionals on GMAT prep, MBA applications, and career planning. He had worked in the energy industry for 18 years and held director and senior positions at several consulting firms and power utility, such as Advisian, The Lantau Group, Poten and Partners, and CLP.


Kelvin holds MPA from Harvard University, MBA from London Business School, and MSc and BEng from HKU. He was awarded three scholarships for higher education. Besides Hong Kong, he also studied and worked in Boston, London, Chicago, Rotterdam, and Singapore.


Primary & kindergarten English Tutor

Tom is a British Native English speaker from the city of York in Northern England.

I am TESOL & TEFL Qualified and have a BSc degree in Psychology with Counselling. Specialising in teaching primary and kindergarten English, I've had over 10 years of experience helping students learn English from scratch, working both in local and international schools in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Michelle Miu

Chinese / English Tutor

Michelle obtained her LLB in Laws from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences in 2016, returned to the University of Hong Kong to complete her PCLL and has been admitted as a Solicitor of the Hong Kong SAR in 2020. She has over 5 years of experience in teaching Chinese and English at IGCSE and IB Level.


Prior to university, Michelle completed her high school studies at Sha Tin College, receiving 43 out of 45 points for her Bilingual IB Diploma and 8A*1A from her (I)GCSE exams. Michelle is grateful to have received quality education from her beloved teachers, which in hindsight were crucial in encouraging her to achieve her potential. She is therefore extremely passionate about delivering the same to her students.


Maths Tutor

Herman holds MSc in Mathematics and B.Sc. degree in Risk Management Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Herman has extensive experience with teaching students on IGCSE, GSE, IAL, Statistics, Mathematics & Mechanics. He is also a member of Mensa.


Chemistry/ Biology/ Maths Tutor

Mildred graduated with Honours from Imperial College London with a degree in Chemistry and completed her teaching qualification at University of Cambridge, specialising in Secondary Science. She also obtained a M.A. in Child and Family Education with distinction.

Mildred has extensive experience working with local and international students on IGCSE, A-Level, MYP and IB Chemistry, Biology and Maths. She taught students from various international schools, including: GSIS, HKIS, CIS, CDNIS, SIS, YCIS, VSA and Harrow International School.


Spanish Tutor

生於香港,大學時曾赴西班牙納瓦拉大學深造西語。曾擔任本港知名業餘進修中心的西語導師,教授多個程度的班別。 懷著赤子之心,把知識回饋孕育成長的土地。教學理念著重理論與實踐,期望學生在小班教學(每班不多於10人)的環境多說多練,學有所成。



Terry Lao

Economics / Business Tutor

Terry is an IB Diploma Examiner of Economics possessing over 9 years of teaching experience in IB, A-Level and I/GCSE Economics and Business. He holds a Business bachelor’s degree and an Education master’s degree. 100% of his IB Economics and Business Management students have achieved a Grade 6 or 7 since 2015. He is also a trainer of IB 45-point candidates. 


His teaching style allows students to understand the subject knowledge in an approachable way with daily-life examples that are easy to understand. Terry's lesson plans are exam-orientated and he also mentors students on their approach in studying.


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