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To-Do List 怎樣做才真正有用? 向無止境無效率工作Say No!

相信不少人或多或少都有寫To-Do List的習慣,有些人簡單「求求其其」的寫在手背,而有些則用超有系統的項目管理工具仔細分類,目標也就是要有效率地把手頭上的工作完成!

可惜的是,往往To-Do List無窮無盡,今天在To-Do List的事項,慢慢變成了「明日復明日」,無止境地拖延。也許現在是時侯,重新思考應該如何令To-Do List更合理和有效率!以下是我們小編及在Desk-one努力中的朋友們分享的To-Do List小貼士,一起參考一下!

Rule No. 1. Be Specific & Break it Down! 具體、詳細、合理的工作量

有些人只是簡簡單單的寫To-Do List,如「完成1份計劃書」,或「溫習CFA」,但往往到了要集中工作的時侯,便忘記了自己應有的進度。而在其他事情誘惑或分散注意力下,無法按時完成。所以,To-Do List要「具體」、「詳細」,如「完成計劃書的市場推廣部份」,或「完成溫習Chapter 3」等,將一個大的To-Do List 項目拆成幾個部分來逐個完成。

There's no point in giving yourself a vague or an ambiguous task in the To-Do List. The deliverability of the task is very often not related to the time you have put in. Instead of having just “Client's proposal” for today, try breaking it down to “Marketing Research section of Client's proposal” before lunch, “Recommendation Section” before 4pm. This would avoid losing focus during the day and stay ahead of the final deliverable.

Rule No. 2. Make Multiple To-Do Lists 設計不同用途的To-Do List

To-Do List只是「一」張清單?其實,我們建議你應擁有有多種不同功能的To-Do Lists!如一張記低今個月計劃要完成的事項、一張寫下今個星期的目標,以及一張標示著今天必定要做完的工作,這樣你便可以更加清晰地分配時間去完成多項工作。

Only one To-Do List? In fact you encourage you to create more than one. For example, one To-Do list for the week, another To-Do list for the month, and one high priority list for today. So that you could allocate the time and resources to complete such tasks more efficiently.

Rule No. 3. Start Easy 將完成的事項劃掉,感受較大的滿足感


When you finish your work, you can use the pen to cross out the items. Comparing with a small tick, the bigger cross the greater sense of achievements!

Rule No. 4. Support with the Right Tools

利用手機Reminders 提醒事項功能

為避免「拖延症」發作,你可在工作前先設定響鬧,接近工作Deadline時會有自動提醒,以免自己忘記工作限期和時間。提提你,iPhone用戶隨iOS有免費「Reminders 提醒事項」APP,真是Productivity上的好幫手。

No time to procrastinate? Sometimes, the mobile could be a distraction but it can be of good help too! Using as reminders, the alarm tools could help remind yourself the deadline of project or work. By the way, the "Reminders" app which comes free for iPhone users are super useful to boost productivity!

你在編寫To-Do list時,又有什麼小貼士可以分享給大家呢?歡迎提出你的建議! Do you have other tips to create an effective To-Do list? Please feel free to share your experience with us below!

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