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【同溫生活誌】全世界最安靜的房間?The Most Quiet Room in the world?

the most quiet room in the world

美國一間實驗室 Orfield Laboratories 設計了一間獨特的「消音室」(Anechoic Chamber),被認為是全世界最安靜的房間。設計師建議人們不要在裡面待超過45分鐘,以免會失去理智。英國 YouTuber — Callux 決定挑戰,卻經歷了一連串崩潰,他甚至宣稱聽到自己血液流動的聲音。


習慣在 Desk-one 寧靜環境中工作,對安靜有一定要求的大家,會否都想體驗一下消音室呢?雖然我們最安靜的 Quiet Focus Zone 都未能靜到令你聽見血在流,但請放心,大家絕對可以在我們這裡待多於45分鐘,甚至是一整天!

Orfield Laboratories of the US has designed a unique Anechoic chamber, which is considered the quietest room in the world. It is not recommended to stay inside for more than 45 minutes, or else one may lose his/her sanity! A youtuber Callux decided to take on the challenge but experienced a series of mental breakdowns, claiming to hear the sound of his own blood flowing.

Anechoic Chamber was originally designed for product testing or to help NASA astronauts adapt to the silent environment of space. "In the Anechoic Chamber, you become the sound." said the founder of the laboratory. People sitting in the dark room will start to adapt, and as quieter it gets, the more they can hear, including their own heartbeat, lungs, and stomach rumbling.

For those who are accustomed to working in our quiet environment at Desk-one, would you want to experience an Anechoic Chamber? Although our quietest Quiet Focus Zone may not be silent enough for you to hear your blood flow, rest assured that you can definitely stay with us for more than 45 minutes, or even a whole day - and get the work done!


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