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【同溫生活誌】🍎 在大氣電波中,陪你溫習?Study with…Apple?

Apple 不時會在官方 YouTube 頻道上載教學影片,通常是分享他們的產品和服務,但最近上載的《Study with me》影片竟然是一條長達1.5小時的伴讀影片,一方面分享集中精神溫習的方法,同時亦營造了理想的學習環境。

影片由女星 Storm Reid 主持,她同時是南加州大學的學生,在影片中和網民集中精神去進行1.5小時的溫習,利用了番茄鐘技巧,以三節25分鐘的溫習時間,夾雜三節5分鐘的休息時間,背景音樂則是有助專心溫書的 Lo-fi 音樂。

在5分鐘的休息時間,Reid 會示範她暫時放鬆心情的技巧,例如吃小食補充體力、伸展身體或聽歌跳舞。可以見到 Apple 並未有在影片中硬銷產品,令大家都覺得很新鮮有趣,同時亦幫助到需要陪伴溫習、工作的人。

3月,考試的季節,希望大家一切順利!如果你也在孤身作戰中,想要一點陪伴,相信 Desk-one 一定幫到你,因為在你左右的,都是和你一樣,正在默默努力的人!

While Apple sometimes showcase their products and services on their official YouTube channel, their recent upload titled "Study with me" caught our attention. It is an unexpected 1.5-hour long ambient study video. The video shares techniques for staying focused while studying. Have you seen it before?

The video is hosted by actress Storm Reid, who is also a student at the University of Southern California. In the video, she joins viewers in a 1.5-hour study session, utilizing the Pomodoro technique (i.e. Three 25-minute study intervals with three 5-minute breaks). The background music is a Lo-fi genre that helps maintain concentration while studying.

During the 5-minute breaks, Reid demonstrated the techniques for temporary relaxation, such as having snacks for energy replenishment, stretching the body, or listening to music and dancing. It's worth noting that Apple does not promote any of their products directly in the video, which makes it refreshing and interesting for viewers. It also provides a valuable companion for those in need of studying or working alongside someone else.

In this season of exams in March & April, we wish everyone success! If you find yourself fighting alone and craving some companions, Desk-one is undoubtedly here to assist you. Because by your side, you will find others who, just like you, are silently striving for their goals! See you there.


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